“I thought it was called Special Brew because it was non-alcoholic,” claims Yaya Toure

toure special brew

Toure claimed he thought the strong flavour of Special Brew was due to alcohol substitutes rather than its nine percent volume.

Saying that there’s no way on earth he would have drank it if he’d known the truth, Yaya Toure today claimed that he thought Carlsberg Special Brew was named as such because it was non-alcoholic.

Speaking after his conviction for drink driving, after which he maintained that he didn’t intentionally drink alcohol, Toure revealed that he’d only drank 12 cans of the drink before driving home because he thought it would be in compliance with his teetotal lifestyle.

“I honestly had no idea. Given the fact that it’s called Special Brew I figured it was different to ordinary drinks,” said the Manchester City midfielder today, adding that he assumed the strong flavour was on account of alcohol substitutes rather than its 9.0 percent volume. “Why else would they call it special?”

At press time, Toure also insisted that he wouldn’t have drank two bottles of Buckfast if he’d known it wasn’t medicine.