Jose Mourinho getting pretty big kick out of Luke Shaw thinking he has future under him


Mourinho revealed that Shaw’s belief that he actually has a future at Old Trafford has cheered him up during a tough season.

Revealing that watching the player run his ass off had made him chuckle on more than one occasions, Jose Mourinho today admitted that he’s getting a pretty big kick out of Luke Shaw thinking he actually has a future under him at Manchester United.

Speaking after his side had finished afternoon training and were returning to the dressing room, the club’s Portuguese manager stated that the left-back’s blissful ignorance over his lack of prospects while he remains at Old Trafford had been a welcome tonic to what has been a rocky campaign.

“It’s been quite a tough season thus far, but I must admit I’ve really gotten a lot of light relief just sitting back and watching Luke Shaw running around the place and working hard thinking he has any chance of doing anything while I’m here,” said the 53-year-old, adding that his inability to remember why he disliked Shaw in the first place makes the situation all the funnier.

“Somehow, despite my selection of a numerous right-footed players ahead of him, he continues to believe he’ll be given a fair chance at left-back. He keeps going, working harder each day. It’s an unexpected and welcome laugh, I have to say.”

At press time, Mourinho claimed that despite his behaviour towards Shaw, he hasn’t singled the youngster out, insisting that a number of other players in the squad have been subject to unjustified and bizarre treatment as well.