Man whose claim to fame is ending another team’s title challenge annoyed Pep Guardiola doesn’t know him


The man, pictured here ending another team’s title challenge, was shocked that Pep Guardiola doesn’t know him.

A man whose greatest claim to fame is ending the title challenge of another football team is apparently annoyed that Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola doesn’t know who he is.

Ex-footballer Stan Collymore, who failed to win a trophy during his career and is best known for scoring the goal that severely dented and eventually ended Newcastle United’s hopes of winning the Premier League in 1996, was reportedly furious to discover that the Champions League-winning former manager of Barcelona and Bayern Munich was unaware of his existence.

“Somehow I find it a little hard to believe that Pep doesn’t know me, especially given the fact that I not only played for the team that finished just 11 points behind the champions, but also scored almost half as many goals as the league’s top scorer,” said the Talksport radio presenter, adding that if he doesn’t know him from these details, then he almost certainly saw that one nice goal he scored for Bradford City against Leeds United in October 2000.

“And if he was too busy playing for Barcelona in the Champions League in 1999 to come and watch me play and fail to score for Fulham, then I think that says a lot about how he truly feels about the English game.”

At press time, an angry Collymore suggested that if Guardiola remained genuinely unaware of a man who nearly scored 100 goals throughout an eleven-year career, perhaps he’s in the wrong industry.