Duncan Castles hits out at “shameful behaviour” of journalists who aren’t bizarrely devoted to one manager


Castles hit out at his peers, many of whom he called a disgrace for not being loyal and devoted to one manager.

Describing many of his colleagues as a “blight on the game”, Duncan Castles today hit out at the “shameful behaviour” of journalists who for some reason aren’t bizarrely devoted to one manager.

Speaking today, Castles admitted that the conduct of his peers – the majority of whom write articles every single week without loyal allegiance to any particular coach – often makes him ashamed to be a journalist.

“Journalism is supposed to be a noble profession: we report on the events that have occurred in a fashion most appropriate to the manager to whom we have sworn eternal fealty. Simple,” said Castles, adding that many of his contemporaries appeared to have forgotten this and instead decided to focus on unbiased and impartial writing.

“They report without any adherence to their master, without a single feeling of guilt that they might hurt the man they’re devoted to. No, they abuse their position and frankly, they’re an absolute disgrace to this occupation.”

At press time, Castles was awaiting permission from Jose Mourinho to proceed with the publication of his most recent article; a ten-point piece documenting why Pep Guardiola and Arsene Wenger are half the men Mourinho is.