Qatar 2022 to give workers cooling hats that reduce liability over deaths

qatar hats

According to Qatar 2022 organisers, the hats not only cool workers heads but also free authorities from liability over deaths.

Saying that the technological innovation will revolutionise the way their stadiums are built, the organisers of the Qatar 2022 World Cup today announced that they will give construction workers cooling hats which they believe will reduce liability over any workplace deaths.

The hats are reportedly cooled by a solar-powered fan which will lead to a lower skin temperature by up to 10 degrees Celsius, something authorities in Doha feel will greatly decrease the chance of them being blamed about fatalities.

“We are confident that this new technology will lead to significantly lower body heat for our workers thanks to chute which recycles hot air into cold air and, as such, leave us totally free of blame if any of them should die under any circumstances,” said Local Organising Committee CEO Hassan Al Thawadi today, adding that unfortunately, the new helmets do not feed, house or grant basic human rights to the workers.

“Their heads will be cooled down for up to four hours at a time so as far as we’re concerned our conscience is now clear in the event that one of them ends up dead. It really is a win-win situation.”