“Alan Pardew is still a hero to me,” says Alan Pardew


Pardew revealed that regardless what has happened Alan Pardew will always be a hero to him.

Claiming that the manager has been harshly treated and undervalued by his former club, Alan Pardew was the recipient of a staunch and passionate defence today from Alan Pardew.

Speaking less than a day after the manager’s dismissal from his position at Crystal Palace, Pardew was vociferous in his belief that Alan Pardew remains one of the most talented managers in England.

“You know, you’re gonna hear a lot of this and a lot of that, but I’m not really concerned about any of that. For me Alan will always be a hero,” said Pardew, adding that his personality, panache, style and modesty will be sorely missed in the Premier League.

“Ofttimes people – and especially football managers – aren’t truly appreciated within their time. Perhaps that’s the case with Alan. Some people don’t rate him for some reason but he’ll be on the right side of history.”

At press time, Pardew was systematically ringing all of the UK’s sport radio stations and using a different voice to valiantly defend Pardew.