Ranieri not as funny when we’re losing, says increasingly livid Leicester fan


A Leicester fan has begun to find Ranieri idiosyncrasies enormously annoying now that they’re not winning.

Admitting that they’d never realised how grating the Italian manager could be, a Leicester City fan today revealed that manager Claudio Ranieri really isn’t as funny when the team is losing.

Speaking after yet another defeat left the reigning champions just three points above the relegation zone, supporter Edward Limmond expressed dismay at how Ranieri’s once-hilarious horse play and linguistic eccentricities had begun to anger him beyond the point of control.

“I like Claudio. Last season he made me laugh with the ‘dilly dong’ shite and all that. It was funny. But lately I’ve been finding the whole routine extremely annoying,” said Limmond, adding that while he’s unable to confirm it, he believes he’d be willing to tolerate and perhaps even welcome the warm, grandfatherly banter if the team were to start winning again. “It’s all worn pretty thin, I even get angry watching footage of last season’s interviews.”

At press time, Limmond stated that while the door remains open for a return to favour, he’s likely no more than a couple of more bad results away from wishing death upon the sexagenarian.