Mike Dean insists he too would consider a move, in case anyone was wondering

dean move chinese super league

Dean revealed that, just in case anyone was wondering, he’d consider a move to the CSL.

Saying that he just wanted to let everyone know in case the matter came up in conversation, Mike Dean has insisted that he too would consider a move to the Chinese Super League in case anyone was wondering.

Speaking after fellow referee Mark Clattenburg revealed that he would open to an offer to officiate in the Chinese Super League, Dean admitted that though he hasn’t been asked, he would be equally interested in discussing such a move.

“I would without a doubt be interested in moving out to China, definitely. I mean, no one has asked me and, you know, I’ve been given no indication whatsoever that they want me, but in case there’s anyone out there is wondering, then yes I certainly would,” said Dean, adding that if anyone knows anyone from the Chinese Super League then he’d appreciate them letting them know.

“I’m available pretty much any time. Y’know, if the CSL is looking for some star power or whatever. Just saying. I’d be willing to help them out if they need it.”

At press time, Dean returned to the room mere seconds after leaving, wrongly assuming that someone had called his name.