“You’d be saying ‘this is great’ if I was German and good at my job,” says David Moyes


Moyes has claimed he’d receive praise if he was German and had a degree of tactical acumen. (Photo: Hayters)

Saying that it was disappointing to see such prejudice in modern football, David Moyes hit out at the media and Jurgen Klopp last night after his team’s 2-2 draw with Liverpool, insisting that the media would give him the praise he deserves if he was German and good at his job.

Speaking in the direct aftermath of his side’s hard-earned draw against the Merseyside club, the Scottish coach claimed that journalists are harsh on him simply because he doesn’t come from Germany and isn’t particularly proficient in his profession.

“You know. Trends come and go in football, I’m used to that. Right now it’s very fashionable to be from Germany and have a high degree of tactical acumen. Maybe if I was German and had even a little bit of skill you’d speak about me a little differently,” said the former Everton manager.

“In an ideal world we’d have none of this. No bias, no intolerance, and no preconceptions purely based on someone’s nationality and their history of results and style of football dating back nearly two decades.”

At press time, Klopp responded to Moyes, praising the Scot’s ability to continually find jobs despite failing in his previous position.