Local man angrier at 48-team World Cup than dead Qatar 2022 migrant workers

local man qatar migrant workers

Local man Seamie Cuthbert has reacted angrier to an expanded World Cup than to the deaths of Qatar 2022 workers.

Describing him as visibly seething with an ever-reddening face, sources close to local man Seamie Cuthbert reported today that he is significantly more angry at FIFA’s decision to expand the World Cup to 48 teams than he ever got over the plight of migrant workers dying during the construction of Qatar 2022 World Cup stadia.

Sitting in his living room while staring wide-eyed at Sky Sports News on his television, Cuthbert decried FIFA for “ripping the heart out of football”.

“It’s a bloody disgrace. They just don’t care what they do any more, do they? It seems that nothing is sacred for them fat cats any more,” said the now-sweating man, who insisted early last year that migrant workers in Qatar “knew what they were getting themselves in for” when they moved to work in the country, which has notoriously poor labour laws.

“Look, that part of the world is dangerous, you go there with your eyes open,” said the 47-year-old estate agent less than a year before calling the expansion of the tournament “football’s greatest shame which is unforgivable”.

At press time, Cuthbert was preparing a Facebook post on the damaging nature of money in football while simultaneously checking Sky Sports for upcoming matches.