FIFA votes in favour of expanding World Cup to as many places as it takes for China to qualify


“For too long, majorly wealthy nations have been prevented from participating purely because they’re not good enough at football,” said FIFA.

FIFA’s council has voted unanimously in favour of expanding the World Cup to as many places as is necessary for China to qualify for the World Cup.

Speaking from the organisation’s headquarters in Zurich today, president Gianni Infantino welcomed the decision and insisted that it is further evidence of FIFA’s ambition to make the tournament more inclusive for incredibly rich nations who are shit at football.

“After a vote among members this afternoon, the FIFA council has given its backing to the expansion of the World Cup to however many teams we need until China qualifies,” said Infantino, adding that the tournament’s new format could conceivably be sized anywhere from 48 to 80 teams.

“For too long, majorly wealthy nations with no footballing pedigree like China and Qatar have been cruelly prevented from participating for little reason other than the fact that they’re not good enough at football. We hope this measure goes some way towards healing the wounds of that injustice.”