Claudio Bravo reveals plans to improve form by kindly asking strikers not to shoot at him


Bravo was confident that if he can convince strikers to stop shooting on him his form will improve.

Saying that the simplest solution is quite often the best, Manchester City goalkeeper Claudio Bravo today revealed that he will look to improve his form by kindly asking strikers not to shoot at him.

Speaking after yet another disappointing display in goal for the Citizens, the Chilean international admitted that he needed to work on his performances; something he believes will be best achieved by speaking candidly to opponents and requesting that they bring an end to their attempts at goal.

“I won’t lie; I’m not playing very well right now. But I can’t allow myself to get down. I have to go back to basics and beg everyone I can to please stop trying to score past me,” said the former Barcelona man, adding that the tactic had already proved successful in training, with teammates sparing him the indignity of shooting practice every day for the last three months.

“At the end of the day I’ve got to think about myself and my team, and I’m confident that if I can find common ground with opponents and make them realise just how much I hate facing shots they’ll do the right thing. Just say: ‘Hey, look, please stop taking shots on me because I really don’t like them and I’m not good at them’.”

“If I can do that I see no reason why both mine and the team’s form won’t improve immediately,” he added.

At press time, Bravo stated that if attempts to convince opposition strikers failed, he’d have little choice but to learn how to use his hands.