Disappointed Arsenal fans remember dogs unable to read

arsenal fans dogs read

Arsenal fans creating a new Alexis Sanchez banner were disappointed to remember dogs can’t read.

Arsenal fans responsible for a bespoke banner celebrating Alex Sanchez’ dogs have expressed disappointment after remembering that dogs cannot actually read.

Sanchez, who is said to be mulling over a contract extension at the Premier League club, is known for his affection for his dogs; with many of the club’s supporters keen to get on the good side of the two golden retrievers.

Speaking after picking up the finished product – a  large red and white banner hailing the Chilean’s dogs Atom and Humber as “Good boys” – from a local north London printer, fan Austin Barton bemoaned his and his fellow supporters’ inability to consider the fact that canines are incapable of interpreting text of any kind.

“I really wish we’d thought this through a little more. They can’t read. They can’t even speak. And if they’re able to understand a language it’s most likely Spanish. What a waste of £500,” said Barton, adding that in hindsight he wished they’d gone with their original choice of 500 tins of beef flavoured Pedigree.

“It seemed like such a good idea at the time. Not only can they not read, but chances are they won’t even be watching the matches. They’re dogs for fuck’s sake. Can they even make out shapes on the telly? Shite.”

In light of recent events, fans were also said to be weighing up whether or not to go ahead with their proposed banner containing a message for Petr Cech’s tarantula.