West Ham fan who left job for better-paid one booed at work by Dimitri Payet


Software engineer and West Ham fan David Cleet being booed by Dimitri Payet today.

Describing the 43-year-old as “disloyal” and a “mercenary”, Dimitri Payet today turned up at the workplace of David Cleet and booed him today after the software engineer left his previous job for a better paid one.

Shouting and hissing behind Cleet, Payet spent hours hurling abuse at the senior engineer, who recently joined a startup called NewSolutions, having spent just over two years with his previous firm Allied Data.

“Boooooo, you’re a disgrace. Just follow the money David, don’t you think about anyone else?” the French international was heard shouting, while intermittently banging on a desk in front of him. “Va te faire foutre!”

After more than an hour of persistent shouting, Payet was forcibly removed by security while screaming “Justice” at the top of his voice.

At press time, Payet had logged onto his Twitter account and sent Cleet a number of borderline illegal insults in a bid to show his anger.