Klopp hails instant impact of Gerrard as title challenge ends


Klopp hailed the impact of Gerrard’s experience of not winning titles.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp today hailed the instant impact of new coach Steven Gerrard as his side’s title challenge ended at the hands of Swansea City.

Speaking after a disappointing and unexpected 3-2 home loss to the struggling Welsh side, Klopp credited Gerrard for the speed with which he has helped the side transform from title contenders to at-best runners up.

“I had a feeling that Steven coming on board would help us not win the title, but I didn’t expect it this quickly. He’s really had a huge effect on everyone here and his legacy remains strong,” said the German coach, adding that his side’s collapse, coming so quickly after their initial comeback, showed him just how speedily Gerrard had gotten through to his squad.

“We knew his experience of not winning the league would come in useful, but we didn’t think it would rub off on the lads so fast.”

At press time, Klopp added that while he remains pleased with the ex-Liverpool captain’s contribution, he won’t truly be satisfied until half his midfield begin shooting recklessly from 30 yards out.