“Can a manager sell himself?” Googles despondent David Moyes


A dejected Moyes reportedly spent most of his day Googling whether a manager can sell himself.

In a move staff members at Sunderland say is far from a surprise at this stage, manager David Moyes reportedly spent the majority of this afternoon searching Google to find out whether a football manager is allowed to sell himself.

Sitting dejectedly at his office desk inside the Stadium of Light, the Scot is believed to have attempted numerous variations of the query including “can a manager sell himself?”, “has a manager ever sold himself?” and “managers for sale”.

“Football’s been around for long enough that someone is bound to have done it. Also, I’ve heard you can use this internet thing to buy and sell anything you want. Watches, TVs, books, even drugs: there must be someone out there who could at least tell me if it’s possible,” said the 53-year-old, adding that he doesn’t even care where or who he’s sold to, as long as it’s far away from Sunderland.

“I know it’s a bit of a long shot, but everyone else can be sold; players, coaches, everyone. Surely I can be sold too.”

At press time, the former Manchester United manager had resorted to typing “will anyone buy David Moyes please?” into Google in a bid to find a solution to his problem.