Wayne Rooney gives up on ambition of equalling Pele’s record of 1,000 imaginary goals

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A disappointed Wayne Rooney admitted defeat in equalling Pele’s record of imaginary goals.

Admitting that it pained him to finally admit defeat, Wayne Rooney today gave up on his ambition of equalling Pele’s record of over 1,000 imaginary goals.

Speaking after the Manchester United captain surpassed Bobby Charlton as the club’s record goalscorer, Rooney told media that while he would love to equal the Brazilian legend’s haul of non-existent strikes, it simply isn’t realistic because most of them didn’t happen.

“I would have loved to have equalled or even surpassed Pele’s record. He’s a legend of the game and to have scored more than him would’ve been fantastic. Unfortunately, most of the goals counted in his record never actually happened so I don’t see how I can match him,” said the 31-year-old today, adding that part of him wished he too had played in a period when he could simply make up goals out of the blue and have people take him at his word.

“Obviously, football was more difficult back then in terms of defenders kicking skilled players all over the pitch. But on the other hand, you were able to claim you scored about 700 more goals than you actually did, so it wasn’t all bad.”

At press time, Pele responded to Rooney’s comments by telling the England international that his goal record now stands at 1,500.