Jurgen Klopp accuses wind of bias against attacking football

klopp wind

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp accused the wind of “strange” behaviour. (Photo: Adam Davy/PA via AP)

Angrily decrying what he described as disgraceful behaviour from something widely considered to be an objective and neutral force of nature, Jurgen Klopp today accused the wind of being biased against attacking football.

Speaking after his side’s 2-0 aggregate defeat to Southampton in the EFL Cup semi-final, the German coach hit out at the moving stream of air for its “strange” conduct during the game.

“There were many disappointments in this game. We didn’t play as well as we would have liked, and we weren’t helped by the wind. Everyone laughed at me before when I mentioned the wind, but it’s not so funny anymore,” said Klopp, adding that despite the widely-held consensus that weather patterns are random and uncontrolled, he is almost certain that the differences in air pressure above Anfield were firmly opposed to his side’s style of play from the beginning.

“I knew that most of this country weren’t fans of my style of possession attacking football, but when you have the natural elements attempting to stifle you at every turn you have to ask some questions.”

At press time, Klopp said that while he’s willing to cope with the intolerance, he’ll be forced to make a complaint if the rain starts acting up.