David Moyes asks Everton if Tomasz Radzinski is still hanging about


David Moyes has today inquired about the availability and whereabouts of Tomasz Radzinski.

Admitting that at this stage of the season any acquisitions would be helpful, David Moyes today inquired with Everton over whether Tomasz Radzinski is still hanging about.

Speaking from his office at his club’s training ground, Moyes revealed that he had decided to ask about the Canadian forward’s availability while looking back through old photos.

“Obviously, it’d be ideal to get someone that’s at most in their 30s and still actually playing professionally but Tomasz could really do a job back in the day,” Moyes reportedly told a member of Everton’s coaching staff, before adding that he’d even appreciate someone passing Radzinski’s number onto him.

“I’d just like to have a word with Tommy, he might even live in the area still. If he’s in any sort of shape – fitness wise – I’d love to chat to him for a bit. None of the rest of the gang are speaking to me at the moment so it’d really help me out.”

At press time, Moyes tentatively asked Everton staff whether they might also have some spare bibs and cones lying around if they could send them down.