“It’s a disgrace that Liverpool have banned The Sun,” says absolutely no one anywhere 


Liverpool’s decision to ban The Sun has provoked anger from absolutely no one. (Photo: Anfield Road)

There was vocal outrage from absolutely no parts of the world today after Liverpool Football Club announced a ban on The Sun newspaper.

“It’s a disgrace that Liverpool have banned The Sun,” said no one in unison this afternoon after news of the ban broke, before no one added that it was a hit to free speech in Britain.

The ban, imposed as a result of the the publication’s horrific and untruthful coverage of the Hillsborough disaster which claimed the lives of 96 innocent people, provoked particular non-existent fury at the club’s decision to stop reporters from interviewing any Liverpool players, with no one saying anything in defence of the poisonous right-wing title.

At press time, a few people did express sympathy for journalists for The Sun who played no part in the coverage, but they were quickly told to shut the fuck up.