“I hate clickbait,” says football fan who doesn’t fully grasp what clickbait actually is


Football fan Harry Shrim has hit out at clickbait despite not really knowing what it is.

Bemoaning the downfall of modern journalism, Harry Shrim, a football fan who doesn’t fully grasp what clickbait actually is, revealed today just how much he hates it.

Confusing virtually anything that goes against his small range of views and opinions with the practice, the 25-year-old mechanic hit out at the manner in which misleading headlines has permeated writing.

“It just really bugs me to go onto news sites or log onto Facebook and Twitter and see it absolutely everywhere. Every second article that’s shared is clickbait these days,” said the Liverpool supporter, who for years has referred to any articles he doesn’t agree with or comprehend as clickbait.

“It’s not just the tabloids any more either. It’s all over the broadsheet websites too, especially when it comes to their feature articles. Lazy, often long articles that are total bullshit and genuinely aren’t worth the time to write or read for that matter.”

“This is a perfect example right here,” he added, pointing toward a 1,000-word piece on Football 365 explaining why Liverpool fans should have patience with manager Jurgen Klopp. “Klopp is useless. It’s pure clickbait.”

At press time, Shrim admits that despite the decreasing quality of journalism, he holds out hope for a time in his life when all pieces of football writing conform to the narrow confines of his mind.