Paul Merson furious influx of foreign cartoons taking jobs away from honest, hardworking British characters


Merson admitted he was disappointed to see British cartoons being denied opportunities because of their foreign counterparts.

Saying that it pained him to continually see increasing numbers of animated Britons forced off the screen, Paul Merson today spoke out against the influx of foreign cartoons taking jobs away from honest, hardworking British characters.

Angrily bemoaning the manner in which cartoon characters from the British Isles have been treated in recent years, the former Arsenal man and current Sky Sports News pundit insisted that his animated and computer-generated compatriots should be given the opportunity to prove themselves at the top level of programming.

“It’s a joke. It drives me mad when I sit down to watch my cartoons each morning. You hear accents from everywhere and you actually get a surprise when you hear an English accent: that’s how bad it’s got. We’ve got some seriously impressive British characters not getting the chance to impress, simply because some flashy American shows up. It’s a disgrace,” said Merson.

Most worrying though, according to the former Walsall manager, is the lack of understanding foreign cartoons have about the British mindset and culture.

“What have they achieved, these foreign cartoons? What do they know about British children? Ivor the Engine might be old, it might not have all the newest techniques, but it digs in and gets the job done.”

At press time, a defiant Merson admitted that while he will continue to watch eight hours of children’s television daily, he won’t be happy about it.