“You know, there are more important things in life,” says Arsenal Fan TV guest before being beaten to death

arsenal fan tv death

An ill-fated Arsenal fan, seen speaking here just seconds before his death.

In a scene described by bystanders as “wholly appropriate”, a guest on Arsenal Fan TV was today beaten to death after suggesting that there are more important things in life than football.

Speaking during a recording of the YouTube channel outside of Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium today, the fan was reportedly set upon by regulars of the show after claiming that supporters should have a bit of perspective regarding the future of Arsene Wenger.

“Look, I’ve been an Arsenal fan for my entire life and I’ve seen a lot. All of this with Wenger will eventually pass and we’ll be back winning again. You know, there are more important things in life,” said the now dead man, who is said to have immediately realised his mistake before unsuccessfully attempting to flee.

“All I’m saying is that we should have some perspective,” were said to be the man’s final words as a flurry of shoes and fists rained down upon him.

According to witnesses at the scene, the man – who was said to have barely resembled a person by the end of the onslaught – got what he deserved for “crossing the line”.

“There are some things that should be allowed in acceptable conversation and debate, but not that. It was disgusting and his death was justified,” said one youngster who watched from the edge of a large group in attendance.

Shortly after the incident, Arsenal Fan TV host Robbie insisted that while the response was a measured one, he and the rest of his crew would hang the man’s corpse outside of the Emirates with the word “traitor” scrawled across his chest to ensure it doesn’t happen again.