“I believe it was Nietzsche who said that cheating is actually good,” says Barton

nietzsche cheating

Barton revealed that famed philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche was a big advocate of cheating.

Saying that he was pretty sure it featured towards the back of one of the philosopher’s earlier books, Joey Barton revealed today that Friedrich Nietzsche believed cheating to actually be good.

Speaking shortly after his side’s 1-0 FA Cup defeat to Lincoln City – a game in which he was accused of trying to get one of the non-league club’s players sent off – the veteran midfielder stated that, in the eyes of the famed German thinker, his actions were in fact praiseworthy.

“Oh yeah, yeah. He was a big believer in cheating, of course. He devoted much of his very early an obscure writings to the subject, and I believe he said ‘He who does not cheat is not of true virtue’. Yeah, that was it,” said Barton to media after the loss, adding that the scholar also considered all those who didn’t cheat to be “philistines”.

“And y’know, if Nietzsche said it – which he definitely did – you can’t really argue with it.”

At press time, Barton revealed that while Nietzsche certainly did say the quote in question, there would be no point in anyone looking because it featured in a very rare publication, of which he was one of the few owners.