“There are too many successful foreigners taking jobs from utterly unproven Brits like me,” says Giggs


Giggs has called it unfair for clubs to repeatedly hire competent foreigners over massively unproven British managers.

Ryan Giggs believes that the influx of foreign managers with legitimate credentials and tactical expertise in the Premier League is affecting the chances of young, utterly unproven coaches such as himself.

Speaking to media today, the former Manchester United player insisted that it was unfair for English clubs to consistently favour successful and intelligent overseas managers over young, homegrown and managerially infantile coaches like he and many of his contemporaries.

“Look, I’d love to take a Premier League job and I believe I deserve one. But will they hire me? Ha. No, they’ll go for someone foreign, with actual experience of managing clubs they didn’t even play for,” said Giggs today, adding that it leaves a bitter taste in his mouth to see people chosen for jobs simply because they’re from a fashionable country and possess the desired tactical knowledge and overall skill set.

“For years I’ve done little work on my coaching and I’ve made it clear that I am not prepared to drop down division or travel overseas, yet despite this I must compete with managers who have done so and have succeeded as a result. How can anyone expect unproven British managers to succeed if they consistently refuse to hire us based on our nationality?”

At press time, Giggs’ comments were echoed by Sky Sports pundits Paul Merson and Phil Thompson, who said that the Welshman had shown more than enough in his four games as interim Manchester United manager to be given the job for life.