“It’s madness,” says Keane on football world not being as furious as him all the time

Roy Keane furious

Roy Keane has hit out at the football community for not being as consistently furious as he is.

Saying that it was a disgrace and something that should be rectified immediately, Roy Keane today described the world’s failure to get as furious as him all the time as “madness”.

Speaking out against what Keane described as “absolutely fucking everything”, the Manchester United legend bemoaned the wider world of soccer for spending so much time not being as apoplectic as he is.

“You know, you have a lot of people in football these days and a lot of new and stupid things happening. And do people spend every waking moment getting annoyed about it? Some, but not nearly enough. What are they thinking? Really? They think that’s alright? They’d wanna take a good hard look at themselves and sort it out,” said Keane, adding that if it were up to him, the entire football community would spend the rest of its waking life screaming unintelligibly at each other.

“I’m not surprised, of course. People are like that. They see two brothers playing against each other and talking away and they think it’s a good thing. When I was at United I used to try and bait Phil and Gary (Neville) into murdering each other. Do you think you’ll see that nowadays? Would you hell.”

Upon finishing his tirade, actual steam was reported to have come from the Irishman’s ears after he was told of how many people wholeheartedly agreed with him.