The Sun pretty confident they can exploit Wayne Shaw for a couple more days at least


The Sun has expressed its belief that it has plenty more articles ideas left in which to exploit Wayne Shaw.

Saying that if they play their cards right they can milk a bit more out of the story, writers at the The Sun today confirmed that they remain pretty confident that they can exploit Wayne Shaw for a couple of more days at least.

Speaking after the publication of yet another article about Shaw, who was forced to quit by Sutton United amid a betting probe over his eating of a pie during their recent FA Cup tie with Arsenal, writer Jonathan Reilly insisted that The Sun has a “good few” more articles left before the 46-year-old’s dignity is gone for good.

“There’s still quit a bit of ammunition here thankfully. We’re going to keep it going until Monday at least and we have quite a few ideas in mind to get us there,” said Reilly, who added that on top of photographing the goalkeeper eating a pie, they may well try and convince to dress up as a pie, change his name to “Pie”, have sex with a pie during a Sun-sponsored live stream, or even become a pie himself. “And of course, we’ll continue to mention how much he weighs in every paragraph.”

He added: “We have a myriad of possibilities before this gets really sad and everyone starts to pity the guy, so we’re going to make sure we exploit the shit out of him before he fully realises that it is in fact us who are the ones he should be blaming.”

At press time, Reilly revealed that regardless of what happens with Shaw, The Sun will stand by him until they can’t make money from him any more.