Claudio Ranieri sacking – not decades of child abuse and corruption – the final straw for football fan


Football fan John Butter has described Ranieri’s sacking as the loss of football’s soul.

Describing it as a disgrace to the sport as a whole, football fan John Butter has revealed that the sacking of Claudio Ranieri, rather than endemic child abuse and corruption, is the final straw for him as a supporter.

Speaking after the Italian lost his job as manager of last season’s champions, Butter – who has reportedly read actual articles containing details and facts about financial impropriety and paedophilia in football – said that he didn’t think the game could sink any lower.

“That’s it. I’m done. The game has lost everything that ever made it good,” said the 45-year-old who considers the firing of a man with a 20 percent league win rate this season to be more of an indictment on the game than decades of hidden torment to innocent children or fraudulent dealings at all levels.

Butter admitted that he was particularly disappointed to see a sport – which in recent years has seen two homophobic nations chosen to host the World Cup and raise ticket prices despite rising profits – lose so much of its soul.

“I’ve put up with a lot in my years as a fan,” added Butter, referring once again to the sacking of man who has won just five league games this term rather than the potential cover up of child sex crimes. “But this takes the biscuit.”