Leicester City board make initial inquiries into whether Nigel Pearson still a disturbing weirdo 


Leicester admitted they’ve made tentative contact to see if Pearson is still an unhinged weirdo.

Struggling Leicester City have today made initial inquiries into whether former manager Nigel Pearson is still a disturbing weirdo, as the clubs seeks to speedily full the vacant manager’s role.

The former Premier League champions are looking for a new manager after a difficult start to the season which has seen them slip into the relegation zone, and club sources have admitted that they would be remiss to not at least check to see if Pearson – who was sacked in 2015 – is still the irrepressible arsehole he was during his previous spell in charge.

“We have plenty of options available to us but time is of the essence given our position and the number of matches left in the campaign. As such, it’s simply common sense for us to check up with Nigel and figure out if he’s still the warped narcissist he’s always been,” said one official, who added that at times of real hardship it is often best to rely on the dangerously unhinged people you have worked with before.

“People might say it’s silly to rehire him but you know what they say: it’s better the frighteningly unbalanced and deeply unpleasant devil you know.”

According to sources close to the story, Pearson responded to contact from club management by asking what they were looking at, and inquiring as to whether they think they’re better than him.