“The league cup is as important as the league,” lies Manchester United fan to himself


The Man Utd fan has reportedly convinced himself that the league cup is as important as the league itself.

Saying that at this stage of the season he’d happily swap league success for silverware, sources confirmed today that Manchester United fan Bob Craw had successfully lied to himself that the league cup is as important as the Premier League for his side.

Speaking ahead of Manchester United’s EFL Cup final against Southampton on Sunday, the 23-year-old slaughterhouse cleaner claimed that despite prioritising the Premier League earlier in the year, he wouldn’t trade the Old Trafford club’s appearance in the final for first place in the league.

“You can have your league positions, but at the end of the day it’s the trophies that really matter,” said Craw this morning, as he unconvincingly listed the different ways in which the league cup was of greater significance to Jose Mourinho’s side.

“Chelsea are walking the league and Manchester City are well poised to progress in the Champions League, but there’s simply no substitute for an early trophy for a team, especially one as prestigious as the Carling Up or whatever it’s called now.”

Craw also added, that on the off-chance his team fail to defeat Southampton, often reaching a final is more important than actually winning it.