Liverpool fan hopeful Klopp can come up with hilarious new soundbite to ease worries over form


Liverpool fan Malcolm Crunch said that Klopp needs to come up with a new soundbite sooner rather than later.

Admitting that he needs to see something change in the next few weeks, a Liverpool fan today admitted that he remains hopeful Jurgen Klopp can come up with an hilarious new soundbite to ease worries over the side’s form.

Speaking after yet another defeat added to the Merseyside club’s miserable run of performances since the turn of the year, estate agent Malcolm Crunch revealed that he and many other fans are relying on the German coach to spout some jovial nonsense sooner rather than later.

“I can’t lie; form has been really disappointing lately and it’s pretty worrying to see what’s happening out there. The players look knackered and devoid of ideas or confidence. Saying that, I still feel Klopp is capable of providing the necessary jovial line to alleviate our stress over things,” said the 34-year-old today, adding that if the former Borussia Dortmund man can repeat the success of his famous “BOOM” line fans should be able to rest easy for the rest of the season.

“Jurgen’s record at this stage of his Liverpool career is actually worse than [Brendan] Rodgers’, so he’s going to need to come up some seriously funny and ridiculous buzzwords to distract us from the fact that the team’s development has stalled.”

Despite the concerns, Crunch stated that he and the majority of supporters retain full trust in Klopp and believe he has some timely and media-friendly gibberish up his sleeve.