Paul Merson beginning to come around to idea Marco Silva is “one of them good foreigners”


Merson admitted he’s beginning to think Marco Silva might be “one of them good foreigners” rather than a bad one.

Saying that he had been gradually warming to the notion since the Portuguese coach took over at Hull City, Paul Merson today admitted that he’s beginning to come around to the idea that Marco Silva might be “one of them good foreigners”.

Speaking backstage at Sky Sports News studios today, the pundit and former Arsenal striker revealed that the ex-Olympiacos manager’s start to life in England had made him reassess whether Silva is in fact the dangerous outsider he originally thought him to be.

“You know, maybe I was a bit harsh on Marco Silva. I didn’t think he had what it took but to give him his due, he’s had a decent start to his career and seems to be adding something to Hull, so I might have been a bit hasty,” said Merson today, adding that after initially assuming Silva was like “one of those black lads” that live near his house, he’s starting to think he might actually be more like “that nice Mr. Patel who runs the corner shop”.

“A lot of the bad foreigners over here are nothing but trouble. They sit around doing nothing and I did get that feeling from Silva at first. I knew the first time I saw him he wasn’t gonna bomb me, but I did fear that he’d come to England and sit back with a nice salary. But the more I’ve seen of him he seems alright. He’s putting the hours in and he’s got a nice funny accent so you know he’s not a threat.”

“In fact, if he keeps up the good work, I don’t think I’d cross the street if I saw him walking towards me,” Merson added, before admitting that, despite his change in opinion, he would still likely mock him in public if encouraged by Phil Thompson.