Atom and Humber storm out of Arsenal dogs play date after furious bust up


An angry Atom and Humber being briefly distracted by a toy held aloft by their owner, Alexis Sanchez.

Speculation surrounded the future of Alexis Sanchez’ dogs Atom and Humber today after it emerged that the two Labradors had stormed out a play date with other Arsenal players’ dogs on Monday due to a furious bust up.

The episode – believed to have been a continuation of recent discontent among the Chilean’s pets over what they perceive as ineffective playing techniques and haphazard face licking – has cast further doubt over their willingness to continue playing with the the dogs of other Arsenal players.

According to dogs in attendance, the angry argument represents something of a trend for Atom and Humber, especially in recent months.

“We all love Atom and Humber. They’re really good boys, just like all of us, but they have really high standards and sometimes we just want to sniff each other’s arses,” said Brent, the Shiba Inu belonging to David Ospina, adding that the two had previously been a lot of fun to play around with, but had recently begun to act more petulantly around the rest of the dogs.

“When they feel that we’re not running around in circles fast enough or licking each other vigorously enough, they start barking really loudly at us and just end up walking over to Alexis,” said Danny Welbeck’s fawn pug, Richmond, of an incident which reportedly prompted the other canines to confront Atom and Humber.

“We tried to bark at them about it to explain how we felt, but they just lost it. They started howling, pissed on the ground and left. We haven’t seen them since.”

According to sources close to the dogs, the bust up has led to interest from the pets of Chelsea players, many of whom believe Atom and Humber could be worthwhile additions to their own play dates.