“Barcelona are acting like they won the bloody thing,” says miserable bastard


Miserable bastard Todd Ratcliffe has bemoaned Barca’s excessive celebrations last night.

Saying that the entire team should take a long, hard look at themselves, football fan and all-around miserable bastard Todd Ratcliffe today hit out at Barcelona for “acting like they won the bloody thing” after their stunning Champion League comeback against Paris Saint-Germain.

The Catalan club made history at the Nou Camp, becoming the first team to overturn a 4-0 first leg deficit, as they defeated the Parisian side 6-5 thanks to three late goals in front of delirious crowd.

Speaking this morning however, Ratcliffe, a man widely known for being devoid of joy or goodwill, mocked the victorious players for “taking it a step too far” with their jubilant and boisterous merrymaking.

“I hope they are embarrassed this morning. They made fools of themselves running around the pitch like madmen last night, honestly if you didn’t know any better you’d think they won the thing. They’ll say it’s an amazing and great win but at the end of the day they’re just into the next round; nothing more,” said the boring sack of shit on the joyous celebrations in the aftermath of one of the most exciting and unlikely comebacks in football history.

“Was it a good win? Yeah, I suppose. But that’s all it was. It’s their own fault for being so far behind from the first leg anyway, not to mention conceding the away goal. I just feel they’re a bit too proud of themselves. Giving yourself such a mountain to climb is hardly something worth celebrating. They should grow up, the lot of them.”

At press time, Ratcliffe had reportedly taken to Twitter to decry the poor quality of defending on show during the game, saying that it “cannot be considered a great game” due to the amount of goals shipped.