“Modern culture has made Arsenal fans brainwashed and impatient,” says man who hasn’t won league title in 13 years

arsene wenger impatient

Arsene Wenger, who has not won the league in 13 years, said modern life has made Arsenal fans impatient.

Saying that society as a whole should shoulder the blame for what he described as an “epidemic”, Arsene Wenger, a man who has gone 13 years without winning the Premier League, today insisted that modern culture had made Arsenal fans impatient.

Speaking at his daily press conference this morning, the Frenchman bemoaned the manner in which instant gratification has become a way of life over the last decade, a period of time which has seen him win exactly zero league titles with the North London team.

“It is certainly disappointing to see how the world has changed in recent years. Our fans were once very understanding and calm, but over the last decade [without a major trophy aside from the FA Cup] we have seen a definite rise in impatience. It is hard to understand,” said Wenger, adding that he had also noted a clear increase in fan anger over the period which has seen his Arsenal team eliminated from the Champions League in the second round for seven consecutive seasons. “It is a peculiar trend and certainly one which reflects our society as a whole.”

Additionally concerning, said the former Monaco boss, was the lack of perspective shown by supporters nowadays.

“Perhaps I am old fashioned, but I do feel that some parts of our support have short memories. Remember, I did win the title without losing a game [13 years ago], and if Jens Lehmann had not been sent off on that night in Paris [in 2007] we would almost certainly have won the Champions League; for the first time too, need I remind you.”

Arsenal fans also need to realise how much worse things could be, said Wenger before leaving the press conference: “For example, we could all be dead.”