Insulted Robert Mugabe rejects comparison with Arsene Wenger


Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe has angrily rejected comparisons with Arsene Wenger.

Describing the reference as slander which he would fight with every ounce of his remaining strength, Robert Mugabe today rejected comparisons between himself and Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger.

Speaking a day after a fan of the North London club claimed that Wenger had become “Arsenal’s Mugabe”, the president of Zimbabwe hit back at the claims, calling them “derisory and insulting”.

“I have been called many names in my life and faced many accusations about my reign, but never have I been subjected to such horrific and unfair abuse,” said the 93-year-old who has been accused of economic mismanagement, widespread corruption, human rights abuses and crimes against humanity, claiming that the comparison with Wenger was indicative of the manner in which political discourse has become extreme.

“Call me a despot. Call me a warmonger. Hell, even call me a dictator, but never compare me to that man,” added Mugabe, before suggesting that if Wenger is unable to control his own fans, perhaps the Frenchman should consider murdering them.