Wayne Rooney admits he’s always dreamed of returning to boyhood club as its highest-paid player

rooney dreamed everton

Rooney has revealed that he has always dreamed of returning to Everton as their highest-paid player.

Saying that the club had always held a special place in his heart, Wayne Rooney today admitted that he’s always dreamed of returning to Everton as its highest-paid player.

Speaking after rumours emerged that the Goodison Park club was his likely destination during the summer, the Manchester United captain revealed that he was excited at the idea of realising a long-held ambition to break the club’s wage budget record.

“I’m not going to lie. Ever since I left Everton I dreamed that some day I might come back. There’s something very poetic about leaving as a teenager and coming back as an experienced player ready to earn more than anyone else. Of walking out onto that pitch, safe in the knowledge you’re financial more important than anyone else. It’s kinda beautiful. I just hope it happens,” said the 31-year-old attacker today, adding that while he knows he’s no spring chicken, he remains confident in his ability to command extortionate amounts of money from football clubs.

“Even during my best years at United I always imagined coming back to see how it would feel to earn a huge amount here, in my home city. The club was a lot of different back when I was a lad. They probably have a whole division for handling wages and bonuses now so it should be really exciting.”

Rooney later added that, after his playing days at Everton are over, he’d be interested in the idea of becoming the club’s highest-paid coach ever.