Glenn Hoddle looking forward to returning to management in next life


Glenn Hoddle has admitted that he’s excited at the prospect of returning to management in his next life.

Saying that it will be a nice change of pace after half an existence out of the game, Glenn Hoddle today admitted that he is looking forward to returning to management in his next life.

While the former England manager revealed that he is yet to receive any offers from football clubs in the future, he remains confident that he can secure a return to a human vessel and a new club.

“I’ve been out of the game for a while and though I’ve enjoyed doing television work, nothing really competes with managing a team yourself. I’ve not heard from any sides yet but there’s no rush; the whole reincarnation process can be long enough so I’m happy to wait for the right body and, eventually, the right job to come along,” said Hoddle this afternoon, adding that he hopes his return is less like his most recent managerial career and more like his previous.

“That’s something I’m very hopeful for. When I came back in the 1870s as Herbert Chapman everything went so well. I had a lot of success and even though I passed away so young I was confident I could pick up where I left off a few years later. Sadly, though my current Hoddle form was good for playing the game, it hasn’t really worked out on the managerial side despite a promising start. So hopefully the next time – whoever I am – it’s a bit more like the old days.”

Despite his optimism, Hoddle insisted that he won’t get ahead of himself: “I’m not counting my chickens, that’s for sure. When you’ve been in the reincarnation game for as long as I have you know how it works and that it’s not as easy as it looks. One life you’re beloved by millions and the next life you’re literally a piece of shit.”