Brendan Rodgers delighted to add another chapter to rich and illustrious history of Brendan Rodgers


Brendan Rodgers, seen here after guiding Celtic to the Scottish Premier League title.

Saying that it was a source of pride to merely be mentioned in the same breath as the man, Brendan Rodgers today expressed his profound delight at being able to add another chapter to the rich and illustrious history of Brendan Rodgers.

Speaking days after guiding Celtic to Scottish Premier League title just 30 games into his debut season at the club, an emotional Rodgers revealed that it had always been a dream to contribute to such a worthy cause.

“We all know about Brendan’s achievements throughout his historic career – from his success at Swansea to his groundbreaking work at Liverpool – so for me to be able to come up to Scotland and add to that is, personally, a real honour. To be able to write myself into this beautiful story, it’s the reason you come to work in the morning,” said Rodgers today, before becoming overwhelmed with emotion as he discussed how proud he is of himself.

“We all know what they say about Brendan: he’s a leader, a renegade, a charmer whose tactics are as innovative as his team talks. And you know what? It’s all true. I’m truly blessed to be able to part of this legacy, as I’m sure are everyone at Celtic Football Club.”

Rodgers added: “Most people aren’t so lucky.”