“Why the hell didn’t Liverpool sign Dembele last year?” asks fan who only heard of him this month

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Liverpool fan Adam Ruggle expressed anger at the club’s failure to sign Dembele last year.

Saying that the missed opportunity was indicative of the club’s poor transfer policy, an angry Liverpool fan who just this month learned of the existence of Ousmane Dembele has questioned why the club didn’t sign him last year.

Speaking after watching the French forward for only the second ever time playing for Borussia Dortmund against Monaco in the Champions League, supporter Adam Ruggle said that it was disgraceful that the club hadn’t tried to sign the “clearly outstanding” striker sooner.

“Yet another example of Liverpool’s reactive transfer work. We had the chance to sign him last year but of course we blew it, typical. He is clearly talented – anyone could see it – anyone but our scouts,” said the man who was forced to Google the 19-year-old last week in order to glean even the most basic of information about him, as well as to ensure he wasn’t one of the Dembeles who play for Spurs or Celtic.

“Everyone’s known for ages how good he is but as usual Liverpool have only taken notice of him now.”