New Telegraph Sport format allows readers to view articles across thousands of separate slides


Telegraph Sport new format will allow readers to “savour each and every individual word and syllable”.

Describing it as the most exciting development in news media for decades, Telegraph Sport today unveiled a fresh new format which allows readers of articles to view them across thousands of separate slides.

“This new format allows readers to focus firmly, to savour each and every individual word and syllable; giving them full comprehension of the fine writing our journalists offer and a calm read in the process,” said the newspaper’s editor Chris Evans today, saying that fresh style works hand-in-hand with the unique voice of the publication’s sports writing.

“Sports writing of true distinction deserves time to read, by introducing this format we’re giving our readers just that.”

The novel idea has been likened by some to the recent approach taken by the Daily Mail sports desk, which includes a highlighted racial epithet between each regular word, something the newspaper says has been praised by readers.

If successful, Evans revealed, the new format may soon be extended to syllables and later single letters.