“Don’t write Messi off yet,” writes mystical sage of footballing knowledge 

Detailing how the Argentinian forward has plenty more years of top class football left in him yet, a mystical sage of footballing knowledge today told people to not “write Messi off yet”.

Speaking after the Barcelona forward netted a late and crucial winner against Real Madrid tonight, football writer Rufus Ding – known to those in his circles as a learned oracle regarding all things sporting – told readers that they would be remiss to consider the attacker finished just yet.

“Messi has impressed for years and though he has had some tricky spells, I would say this to you: write him off at your own peril,” said the fountain of untold wisdom, adding that while many may jump to consider him “past it”, his mind only gets sharper and craftier by the day.

“He may no longer be the sprightly young man he once was but there’s life in the old dog yet.”

Ding went on to quip that, while Ronaldo was on the wrong side of the result tonight, he hopes the “young hopeful” gets a chance in future.