Moyes distraught after spelling name wrong on birthday card he wrote to himself

moyes birthday card

Moyes pictured mere seconds after noticing the spelling mistake on the card he sent to himself.

In a bitterly disappointing occurrence that many say has hit the Scot hard, David Moyes experienced a fresh blow today after the birthday card he wrote to himself featured his name spelled incorrectly.

Celebrating his 54th birthday today, the Sunderland manager was said to have been left devastated after noticing a number of clear spelling errors in the card he sent to himself last week, including the spelling of his own first name featuring three Ds and two Vs.

“David’s in a pretty bad way about all of this to be honest. Considering everything that’s going on he was really looking forward to receiving the card he sent to himself, as a form of respite I suppose. But it’s been spoiled, somewhat ironically, by his own inability to complete even the most basic of tasks,” said a source close to the former Manchester United manager today of the tradition which he has reportedly kept up since his days as Everton manager.

“He was all excited when the postman came earlier, running out to the post box like a little kid on Christmas Day. You could sense something was up though, his face turned and the colour drained from him. It’ll be tough to come back from this.”

Despite his disappointment, Moyes was upbeat about future cards.

“I wrote pretty well for most of the card actually. Next time I need to make sure that I spell the wrong things right and make no new errors. I’m confident it’ll work then,” he said.