FA launches new mascot to raise awareness of all the great betting odds out there

fa betting odds

Gamblo McOdds, the FA’s new mascot intended to raise awareness about all the great betting odds out there.

Saying that the time was right to bring public attention to an important issue, the Football Association today introduced a new mascot to raise awareness of all the great gambling odds out there.

The mascot, named Gamblo McOdds, made its public debut during a press event at Wembley today,

“This issue is one that is close to the hearts of all of us at the Football Association. Unfortunately, each of us here probably knows someone who has suffered the consequences of not being aware of all the great odds and offers out there. Too often people go through life putting on bets without knowing that there are better odds out there. We have seen the sadness it causes, but hopefully – with the help of Gamblo – the suffering will soon be a thing of the past,” said FA chairman Greg Clarke, adding that that the time has now come for people to stand up and speak openly about the offers they themselves have found.

“Each of us has a responsibility when it comes to a problem like this. If we don’t have the bravery and courage to speak out, there’s a chance that thousands could miss out on these spectacular and often time-sensitive promotions. Only when we sit down and begin an open, honest dialogue, can we truly benefit from all the greats deals on offer from Britain’s betting companies.”

Clarke went on to say that a hot line would be set up for gamblers experiencing problems, such as those associated with setting up new betting accounts, taking advantage of often complicated offers, and remortgaging your home to free up some funds.