Gerrard training sessions just hour after hour of shooting from 40 yards, say Liverpool youth players

liverpool gerrard training

“All we’ve done is shoot from 40 yards constantly,” said one youth player of Gerrard’s training.

Steven Gerrard’s first training sessions as Liverpool’s under-18 coach have consisted of nothing other than shooting from 40 yards, according to a number of the youth players being coached the former captain.

Speaking after their first week under the tutelage of the club legend, a host of the club’s youngsters admitted that while they’re appreciative of his presence at the club, they were expecting slightly more than hour after hour of pot shots.

“All we’ve done is shoot from 40 yards constantly. Hour after hour, he just lines us up and tells us to try and find either the top or bottom corner,” said youth player Connor Mailtin, adding that while he is honoured to have Gerrard passing on his experience and skill, he would enjoy learning other aspects of the game.

“He keeps saying how managers love players who attempt long-range shots instead of opting for a pass that would benefit the team. I mean, he was an amazing player and one of my heroes but I can’t help but feel there should be a bit of variation.”

At press time, a number of concerned youth team players were preparing to complain about Gerrard’s habit of forcing the team to watch compilation videos of his goals instead of footage of their training sessions and matches.