‪Jose Mourinho confident Man Utd have enough to counter Celta threat to his reputation ‬


Jose Mourinho has expressed confidence that his side can counter any and all threats to his reputation

Saying that he had worked hard throughout the week to deal with any embarrassing eventuality, Jose Mourinho stated today that he is confident Manchester United have enough to counter Celta Vigo’s threat to his reputation.

Speaking ahead of his squad’s Europa League semi-final against the Spaniards, Mourinho expressed his belief that he and his players had prepared adequately to fight off any potential hit to his professional image.

“All week we have worked hard. On the training pitch, analysing the opposition, we have looked for ways we think they can damage me as a manager. We have worked for days and we are confident we can defend my reputation from further damage. Most importantly, we know that if we do our job tonight there’s a good chance I will not look stupid,” said the Portuguese coach today, adding that he and his team put particular focus on the Spanish opposition’s ability to further highlight what many critics describe as his “awful and boring” style of football.

“I am confident we will succeed in this mission. We have done training in defence to ensure that people can’t accuse me of losing my steel. And also, we have practiced attacking so no one can claim that my team’s do not try to win every game. We will be fine, I know it.”

Mourinho went on to say that, in the event that his team are knocked out of the Europa League, he’s more than happy to write the competition as a “tournament or little boys”.