Roy Keane admits he the man behind popular Dog Rates Twitter account

roy keane dog rates

Keane said that the popularity of Dog Rates meant he could no longer keep his double life secret.

In a turn of events which has shocked the football community, Roy Keane today admitted for the first time that he is the man behind the popular Dog Rates Twitter account.

Speaking to media from his home today, the former Manchester United captain revealed that the increasing popularity of the social media account – which has more than one million followers – meant he could no longer keep his double life a secret.

“I just heckin’ love doggos,” said the notoriously fiery Irishman. “I’ve always loved them and a while back I figured it was about time to share that love through Dog Rates, though I never expected it to explode in the way it has.”

“Smol doggos, pupperinos, snoofles; it really doesn’t matter for me. Whether it’s big ol’ floofers, long boys or simply a run-of-the-mill pupper, count me in. They’re all 13/10 as far as I’m concerned.”