Ched Evans warns women against leaving hotel rooms unlocked because of people like him

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Ched Evans today warned women against leaving their hotel rooms unlocked.

Ched Evans has today warned women across Britain about the dangers of leaving their hotel room windows open due to the clear and present danger of people like him.

The footballer, who was convicted of rape before later being acquitted in court, has advised women to be careful and vigilant due to the dangers presented by the thousands of men just like him.

“There are a lot of men exacly like me out there, so it’s really important that women – if they’ve had a few drinks or not – to make sure their doors are securely locked. Otherwise we’re just gonna come right in there. You could be having a normal night – having fun – but if you leave doors unlocked there’s every chance someone like me will force my way in,” said Evans, adding that many men – like himself – wouldn’t think twice about going into a hotel room being occupied by other people.

“A lot of men – including me – will go in to the hotel room even if we don’t know the person and have sex with them regardless of how drunk they are. Women need to be aware of this and lock their doors correctly. Otherwise men like me will simply keep doing it.”

Evans went on to say that – to truly protect themselves – women would be best advised to simply avoid him at all costs.