‪”I’m sick of him shoving his leftie views down my throat,” says man who follows Gary Lineker on Twitter‬

leftie lineker

Ray Guber has hit out at the leftie bile of a man he voluntarily follows on social media.

Football fan Ray Guber, a man who voluntarily follows Gary Lineker on Twitter, has admitted that he is sick of the former footballer shoving his leftie views down his throat.

Saying that he had grown increasingly tired of the Match of the Day presenter’s persistent pontificating online, the 45-year-old Brexit supporter and Conservative party voter insisted that Lineker should keep his mouth shut and stay away from politics.

“I used to like Lineker because he knows his football. But all he does lately is go on and on about how bad the Tories are. Virtue signalling about refugees, far-left propaganda, he never shuts up,” said Guber, who could potentially unfollow, mute or even block the former Everton striker on Twitter at any given time, but for some reason chooses not to.

“He’s the same as all these luvvies out there like Owen Jones and Kathy Burke, constantly trying to make the rest of us feel bad because we want our country taken care of. Forcing us to listen to and read everything they say.”

At press time, Guber had logged in to one of his many back up accounts to view Lineker’s feed of left-wing bile after being blocked for calling the Walkers’ spokesman a “traitor” and a “cunt”.