Arsenal Fan TV admit entire business plan dependent on Wenger staying, failing for years to come

Arsenal Fan TV have responded to the news that Arsene Wenger will sign a new two-year deal at Arsenal by admitting that their entire business plan is dependent on the Frenchman staying and failing for years to come.

Speaking after news emerged that Wenger had agreed a new deal with the Arsenal board, the likes of Robbie, Ty, DT and Troopz revealed that Wenger’s prolonged stay was good news for their financial future.

“This news probably means we’ll all be able to pay off our mortgages by the end of next season. We’ll still give out and get angry on camera – of course – but it doesn’t mean we’re not delighted,” said DT, adding that while Wenger’s extension was good news, it meant he and his colleagues would have to get more creative in their outrage so as to remain convincing.

“It’s great, because people are going to keep tuning in. But it means that we’ll have to work more on our scripts, and maybe even cry a little bit. We’ll definitely have to shout more, and come up with more songs. But it’s okay, when you’re in the entertainment business, this is part of the job.”

DT went on to say that he doesn’t really mind if the increased workload makes him miss some matches, since he’s not that big of a football fan anyway.